Zeinal Bava tops the list of Espírito Santo ‘bung’ recipients

zeinalbavaThe listing is a very long one, a few 106 titles, all of whom have been enrolled on bank statements documenting payments from Espírito Santo Enterprises that made transfers through an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

This overseas firm is supposed as acting as the channel by which the Espírito Santo Group, aka Ricardo Salgado, guaranteed support where required and silence if required.

To that the disquiet of a lot of these named, the best 20 was released in the Saturday variant of Expresso. The roll of dishonour is led by former PT and Oi manager, Zeinal Bava (pictured above).

Many of these noted worked for portions of BES in Portugal or were up in overseas businesses linked to this Espírito Santo Group.

There are 3 kinds of obligations: from the countless exchange for clinics which might be harmful or illegal to investors; people in the thousands or hundreds of thousands to get under-the-table commissions, and yearly quantities, two or one million, for decades of allegiance.

Portugal’s Tax Authority will likely be a bit interested in analyzing who announced their good fortune in their yearly tax return – and that ‘forgot.’

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