Troika still rules Portugal

cttvanPortugal’s President stated some days past what many believe and several have the guts to state: WE HAVE TO CHANGE AND CREATE JOBS!

The Troika enforced what previously had gone wrong overseas, like the privatisation of public services. The concept was that they’d be more effective and the supervisory agencies would prevent abuses from the dominant businesses. In that the UK, the government is hoping to recover control over the railways while in Sweden that the privatisation of some power distributors has been reconsidered.

In Portugal, the sale of the majority of EDP’s voting shares to some Chinese group caused a brutal price increase. Granting the supply to just three overseas giga-corporations led to a mega rise in complaints, with no ERSE (the ruler) fining them for their abuses. We have observed that an obligatory reduction the cost per Kwh however EDP only improved the fixed cost, which the operator, ERSE, doesn’t govern; that resulted in a rise in costs, particularly for the weakest users.

In Northern Europe it’s the big users, like supermarkets and businesses that could put money into renewable energy, like IKEA does using solar panels, which pays when swallowing more.

For 15 decades, telecoms regulator, ANACOM, has replied to some criticism using a normal phrase saying it isn’t a branch dilemma, quite creatively, and that the customer may file a lawsuit. Most clients don’t do this due to the high price and the knowledge which telecoms suppliers use attorneys with buddies in courts. Telecoms consistently win the situation from the very low court or on appeal.

And today, the Post Office (CTT)! In that the vast majority of nations where PART of the last supply of article was privatised, it’s leased out a few of their post offices or shut them to permit kiosks which are available until 8 or 10 pm to get and send letters to serve the taxpayer. I don’t know of any civilized nation where the most important collection and supply of article was privatised.

The Complaint Portal informs that the state post support, Correio Azul, today has an growth in torment of 212%!) There are 5,776 unresolved claims, late deliveries, to the wrong website, damaged and lost requests. The brand new owners of CTT are monetary funds with no expertise in handling packages and letters. The main one, that supposedly influenced the privatisation principles, as per a meeting using their deceased former agent in the prior government, spent due to an present authorisation for its Post Office Bank, that had to be utilized. This finance would barely be permitted from the ECB to run from the EU. Its only curiosity is Banco CTT and its enormous potential gain. In the long run it will worsen supply to provide more Euros to overseas owners.

In my place, shipping moved from daily to weekly. Many oldies get invoices to cover the following day and suffer with stress. This led providers to induce direct debit payments. Many oldies are not able to look at their account; this eases systemic mistakes, constantly in favor of the provider. On energy accounts, that the ‘estimate use’ is in favour of the provider trader, which utilizes clients’ money for 3 weeks, with no ERSE interceding.

In many nations, the Council of Agencies has representatives from local customer associations, teachers and parents, little trade institutions and taxpayers who turn thoughts into great practices.

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