Tagus river pollution ‘unavoidable’ say Social Democrats

EnvironmentMinisterThe Social Democratic Party opposition party has accused Minister of those Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, of doing nothing to halt the contamination in the Tagus river, the most recent case of that had been reported yesterday, (HERE).

The PSD suggested additional investment in ecological observation but stated that its request was rejected from the socialist government which had contended that the Present control measures “were sufficient.”

The PSD detained Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes, of “inaction” in the struggle against pollution levels from the Tagus and blamed him for the present contamination in the river at the Abrantes region.

A blanket of off-white foam was regarded as covering stretches of this river at a situation called “Dante-esque” from the proTejo environmental institution and “scary” from the local mayor.

The PSD have suggested that extra people and equipment ought to be commissioned to track the contamination – that has been the content of this request which has been rejected – and now sent a 10-query document to the ministry, again requesting him to supply capital to fortify the Portuguese Environment Agency along with also the General Inspectorate of Agriculture, the Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning (IGAMAOT).

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