Social Security cheque fraud – 17 arrested after ‘hundreds of thousands’ is stolen

eurozoneThe Judicial Police now arrested 17 individuals involved with the theft State funds in the Institute of Social Security.  
The Odds is that those detained changed the titles social security cheques and paid the cash into account where they had management.  
The search operations on Tuesday morning, were a consequence of a very long investigation after a complaint was lodged by the Institute of Social Security about   one year ago.
Those detained, aged between 22 and 69, were charged with “the continuing practice of theft, misuse of correspondence, falsification of documents and money laundering.”
Some 120 police officers were included, and 27 search warrants were acted on, of that 22 were in the defendant’s’ houses. According into the authorities, computers, cell phones and substance used to falsify records were captured in addition to a small quantity of cocaine, precision scales and chemical often utilized to reduce medication.
The police investigation has been directed at “a criminal association that was dedicated to the theft of Caixa Geral de Depósitos cheques in the name of the Institute of Social Security and made out to various beneficiaries.”
Apparently, the fraud had begun together with the theft of cheques, which have been passed over to counterfeiters that “modified parts of the documents” so as to modify the title of the Treaty.
These cheques were subsequently deposited along with the suspects appropriated those figures either via withdrawals from ATMs or, with all the money to   buy   foreign currency that was subsequently reconverted to euros.  

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