Reservoir cleaning programme will boost next year’s available water supply

water2Portugal’s Environment Minister, João Matos Fernandes, has declared that the manner by which department will pay $3.5 million to boost the ability of eight reservoirs. He also intends to refill the reservoir Monte da Rocha in which the water quantity is down to 8 percent of power.

The Government invest, today that water levels have been at historical lows, intends to enhance the water quality to ensure more of their entire quantity in the reservoirs is useable.

The ministry was seeing the treatment channel at the nearly tender Monte da Rocha dam, close Ourique, to establish his short-term cleaning labour programme.

Cleaning reservoirs may seem like a Herculean and unnecessary undertaking but the concept would be to eliminate the organic matter that accumulates at the base of the reservoir, since the water reduced down currently might not be used for general distribution.

“In reservoirs, there is always a proportion of water that we call dead volume, volume that is right at the bottom of the reservoir and where there are many nutrients and is extraordinarily difficult, expensive and complex, from the technical point of view to send this water for treatment and distribution,” clarified Fernandes.

“These are not emergency measures to combat drought, because those have already been taken at the beginning and throughout the summer, but rather these are in preparation for the next season,” additional Fernandes.

Guerreiro added that the council has demanded the connecting of this Roxo dam into the Monte da Rocha reservoir to permit water in the enormous Alqueva reservoir to achieve Monte da Rocha at the reduced Alentejo.

In that the Tejo Hydrographic Region, the job will pay for the Carvalhal Dam, in other words, from the link into this Albufeira (Portalegre) along with also the reservoirs of Póvoa and Meadas (Castelo p Vide, Portalegre) and Divor (Arraiolos, Évora).

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