Portuguese feel ‘safer and happier’ than they did five years ago

thumbsA survey ready by the Portuguese Victim Support Association, concludes that folks in Portugal don’t stroll round nervous that they will be attacked, robbed or abused and are a lot happier in consequence, actually happier than 5 years in the past when gloom and despondency shrouded the nation.

This is how Portuguese responded when requested about their emotions about turning into a sufferer of crime.

This is the second ‘perception of insecurity’ survey ready by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support and exhibits a happier bunch of respondents, now a spring of their step and a cheery “bom dia” to one and all.

Specific questions had been requested in regards to the feeling of safety in relation to their property and to themselves, and likewise about any private experiences within the final 12 months.

A complete of 90% of these requested thought of their residence space secure, with the opposite 10% complaining about their basic neighbourhood, particularly at night time.

Seventy-seven p.c say they aren’t afraid of being abused or assaulted when out and about with 90% of respondents saying they aren’t frightened that they may be abused, threatened or robbed inside their properties.

The Victims Support organisation teamed up with Intercampus and repeated the 2012 Crime and Insecurity survey questionnaire.

The knowledge launched as we speak is from 600 interviews performed final Autumn with a number of individuals aged 15 or over and dwelling in mainland Portugal.

Overall, there was a noticeable “tendency to express a lower sense of insecurity when compared with the results obtained in 2012.”

The secretary basic of the organisation, Carmen Rasquete, stated “It may be very optimistic to see this lower within the sense of insecurity concerning criminality,” suggesting that there is more social harmony at the moment, as well as “a extra optimistic local weather, larger safety and financial progress.”

The 2012 survey was taken in the midst of Portugal’s financial disaster which had induced quite a lot of pessimism about life, the universe and all the pieces.

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