Parque da Floresta golf resort for sale

parquedaflorestaThe Parque da Floresta golfing hotel, recently renamed as Santo António Golf, is available as a portion of the bankruptcy event of its proprietor, Sociedade p Santo António.

In May 2012, the 3 firms managing the golf hotel were put into government with the court Lagos. These businesses were the programmer, Vigia SGPS, land business Quinta da Colina and golf management firm Golfe p Santo António.

In June 2014, many of the hotel’s property resources were put up for auction on behalf of those 3 companies to attempt to recover some of the money owed to the taxman, social safety division and the local jurisdiction that was owed $1.7 million.

Today’s information is a continuation of this protracted bankruptcy process in which Vila perform Bispo council remains owed $1.5 million to water provided into the program.

The minimal bid is set at a sporty $9.8 million together with the mayor expecting that a new owner will Have the Ability to revive the Company and the enterprise once more will “be one of the touristic engines of the county.”

Currently, employees wages are being paid however, a lot of those 89 workers continue to be owed amounts from prior years.

There additionally is tourist lodging of 256 tourist beds in 55 units, four buildings, 2 tennis courts, two swimming pools and a restaurant.

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