More than 1,300 Golden Visas awarded in 2017

SEFSince that the Golden Visa strategy was established in 2012, $3.5 billion was invested in Portugal from non-EU taxpayers as part of their eligibility criteria.

A total of 5,553 residence permits are granted to immigrants to Portugal, maybe not that Golden Visa holders need to reside here, however the official amount of foreigners entering the state is projected by the authorities to become three times that figure as qualifying household members join the principal applicant.

The scheme so much has enrolled 14,868 Golden Visa holders, a number of whom have settled in Portugal full-time.

In many situations, the eligibility was through purchasing a land of $500,000 or longer, a percentage of that have been left vacant or leased out since the Golden Visa holder qualifies for unlimited access to Schengen region countries and does not have any duty to pay in Portugal.

The total transverse ‘investment’ figure fails to reevaluate the last destination of the amounts used to get properties as a percentage of owners, particularly foreign ones going elsewhere, move the resulting funds from the country.

The authorities and local councils get income from home buy taxes but these could be triggered if the purchaser has been a Golden Visa candidate or just somebody who would like a costly home or apartment.