Monchique council signs deal for ‘LED lighting only’

electricityThe whole public lighting system throughout the municipality of Monchique is to be changed to LED* light, as shown by a protocol signed Monday, January 15F, involving the City Council and EDP Distribuição.

The bargain intends to replace all kinds of public light with LEDs – covering urban, rural and semi-urban locations, gardens, public parks and leisure places.

This will lessen the council’s power charge – that is passed on ratepayers. With this step, the council plans to “reduce consumption and energy costs, covering the parishes of Monchique, Marmelete and Alferce.”

The change over will probably be finished 2019 along with also the work already has started in rural places.

A diode is an electrical element with two terminals that run the power only in 1 direction. With an electric current, the diode creates a glowing light round the little bulb.

LED lights are around 80 percent more effective than conventional lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting. 95 percent of their energy in LEDs is transformed to light and just 5 percent is wasted as heat. This is contrasted to fluorescent bulbs that convert 95 percent of electricity to heat and just 5 percent into light.

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