Loulé Post Office closed today as part of a programme to increase CTT profits

cttvanLisbon, Sintra, Barreiro, Aveiro and Águeda all watched at least one post office closed now, January 20th,  as a portion of CTT’s restructuring program which already has resulted in the closure of this Arco da Calheta socket in Madeira. In that the Algarve, the secondary Post Office in Loulé was closed down.

Also based on CTT, the slimming down of this Post Office system, “does not affect postal distribution, carried out by postal workers of CTT, which is a totally autonomous network within the service.”

CTT supported on January 2nd, which 22 stores are closed, which, based on this Commission of Postal Workers of Portugal, will influence 53 jobs.

The company asserts that since you will find nearby sockets, customer demand will likely be fulfilled.

The choice to close Post Offices has generated local shouts of outrage but while the service was privatised, it’s up to the direction to keep profit levels, support supply being secondary to the short-term demands of their organization’s new shareholders.

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