Inventor claims €2.2 million compensation from State in e-factura programme rip-off

financaslogoThe Intellectual Property Tribunal in Lisbon can decide whether an inventor was ripped-off from the authorities.

Manuel Londreira asserts the State reproduced his financial control system for receipts and found it as the ‘e-factura’ programme.

Londreira is following reimbursement and damages totaled $2.2 million, asserting that the State violated his copyright simply by pinching his own system.

The attorney stated, “The Government replicated the creation of Manuel Londreira and, regardless of calling the Ministry of both Finance along with other entities, there was no official reaction in the Government or willingness for any dialogue.”

Heitor stated that the sum of reimbursement “may be adjusted according to the court’s assessment,” however anticipates a favourable decision by the Court as, although portions of those ‘Equidade Fiscal’ system was shown, the similarities with ‘e-factura’ are evident.”

Londreira initially accused that the State in 2015 along with his attorney said the situation is complicated however ought to be concluded within a month.

The Ministry of Finance now acknowledged the dispute had dragged on for decades, but asserts it’d never been requested to clarify the issue, until the present court case.

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