His name is Rio – new PSD leader elected

RuiRioRui Rio has succeeded at the party leadership conflict and also will lead the centre-right resistance to the ruling socialist party.

“The current government will have in the new PSD leadership a firm and attentive opposition, but never one that is populist or demagogic,” Rio told ecstatic fans in his home city he dominated for almost 12 years to 2013.

In a competition of 2, Rio conquered the former prime minister, Pedro Santana Lopes, by gaining 54 percent of their votes from members.

Two recent polls indicate the PSD would lose greatly into the socialists, if Rio has been PSD leader or not, such is the prevalence of Socialist Party PM António Costa and therefore polluted will be the memories of this austerity years after Passos Coelho enforced harsh spending cuts and widespread tax increases.

(Decision)The brand new party boss has his job cut out to rebuild confidence in the PSD however Rio was a harsh critic of his party’s austerity policies, even when in a coalition government, also kicked off into his victory speech late on Saturday by asserting a “more just and more harmonious society,” and reduced taxation and the old chestnut of ‘economic reforms.’

Her is 60-years-old and also combined the PSD only after it had been set after the 1974 revolution.

Rio is up for encouraging a minority Socialist authorities – if António wins the 2019 overall election but fails to secure a majority – and can be for a cross-party alliance for a federal public works programme to bring European Union financing.

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