Government to scrap 2,300 old laws

booksThe government would be to scrap two,300 legislation dating from involving 1975 and 1980 which are no longer required but have lingered about the statute books as no one believed to eliminate them.
The Secretary of State for its Council of Ministers, Tiago Antunes, stated that the track document for the present executive has been exemplary as, “in the second year, this Government legislated less than in the second year of all previous governments.”
Antunes stated in addition to legislating significantly less, the António Costa government wishes to, “clean up legislative acts that no longer make sense, are outdated, but have never expressly been revoked.”
“Very soon we will approve the repeal of 2,300 decree-laws from 1975 to 1980, which are already outdated,” stated Tiago Antunes, including that the authorities will approve the mass-produced within another month.
For the legislative action of 2017, Antunes stated that the government was adopting measures to ​​ ​​enhance the quality of laws, using its ‘better lawmaking’ initiative designed “to decrease the legislative flow” and also to ensure EU laws become transposed in time.
The brand new lawmaking program comprises a segment on ‘clarity’ to ease access to obviously written laws by taxpayers.
The authorities in 2016 paved the way to get a ‘legislation lite’ program as, “For very first time in over 40 years of democracy, a Constitutional Government has printed fewer than a hundred decrees-laws, using just 98 printed,” according to Antunes ho pointed out the “269 accepted at precisely the exact same interval in 2015.”