Exposed – Portugal’s waste recycling figures have been fiddled for years

landfill2The Ministry of the Environment has been caught out in a large fiddle – it has been counting 1000’s of tonnes of waste despatched to landfill websites, as ‘recycled’ in an effort to make its figures look greener.

Portugal’s high environmental affiliation, ZERO, has taken information obtained from the Portuguese Environment Agency on the recycling charge from every of the nation’s city waste administration areas and cross-referenced the 2016 information as revealed within the authorities’s Environment Report 2017.

The figures present that the federal government has been fiddling the figures to make its recycling charges look acceptable to the EU whereas masking up the truth that it has been sending a whole bunch of 1000’s of tonnes of recyclable garbage to landfill websites.

According to the official information, 1,030,001 tonnes of city waste have been recycled in 2016, which falls means wanting an Environmental Agency written reply despatched to ZERO, stating that 1,298,710 tonnes have been recycled.

The distinction of 268,709 tonnes has been counted as ‘recycled’ when the truth is this was despatched to landfill websites or incinerated, and the Waste Management Fee was paid to the Ministry of the Environment which now’s accused of getting one of the best of each worlds. The ministry obtained the income from TGR for landfill or incineration waste, round €1.7 million, and on the identical time it counted the identical waste as ‘recycled’ in an effort to current a greater environmental efficiency than had been achieved in actuality.

The recycling charge of 38% of city waste offered by the Environment Agency for 2016, and repeated within the final State of the Environment report, the truth is was solely 30% – which is means wanting the European Community goal of 50% set for 2020.

The purpose for this mismatch of numbers is as a result of the Environment Agency, on the orders of the Ministry of the Environment, categorises as ‘recycled’ all natural waste coming into the natural waste restoration items and mechanical and organic therapy vegetation, no matter whether or not this waste the truth is is recycled and processed into compost, or despatched to landfill or incineration.

For ZERO, it is a gross manipulation of recycling information which efficiently has fiddled Portugal’s recycling charge with an entire lack of transparency. The organisation calls for that the Environment Minister, João Matos Fernandes, rectifies issues whereas MPs name for a full inquiry into the state of affairs.

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