Driving licence points system – only 24 drivers banned in 18 months

breathalizerOnly one in 37 criminals has dropped points from their driving license, because the newest points-based system began.

The main rationale is that the legal system requires an average of 3 years to type out every appeal and achieve a last judgement.

The authorities have passed out 670,149 penalties for serious and quite serious infractions from the 18-weeks because June 1, 2016, but factors are deducted out of licences held by only 17,925 drivers of these caught and fined, one in each 37 offenders.

This appeal system signifies lots of harmful and incompetent drivers may still continue to use their automobile for many years, quite legitimately. Since the points system began, just 24 drivers are prohibited, which makes a mockery of authorities attempts to rid the street of drunks and other dangerous motorists.

“The withdrawal of points or only happens after appeals are exhausted, when decisions are final and when there is a final sentence,” stated Pedro Silva, by the traffic security institution, who added, “a driver can be caught by the police in two different areas: one day for speeding and the next day for drunk driving. If he appeals the fines he will lose points only when there is a final decision in each process – which could come from two different district courts,” and require an average of 3 decades.