Celtejo accused of covert dumping of effluent into the Tagus

TejoFoamTwo PSD resistance MPs claim there’s evidence of two episodes in a industrial plant at Vila Velha p Ródão, which compelled a company to pump waste into the Tagus river January 16F and 22nd.

MPs Duarte Marques and Nuno Serra, seen the river Monday, followed by neighborhood leaders and party officials to estimate the contamination that has produced a blanked of contamination on stretches of the river surface.

On January 24F, a this foam put approximately half a meter deep, covering the Tagus from the Abrantes place, in a situation described as “Dante-esque” from the environmental team proTEJO and as “scary” by the local mayor.

Last Friday, the Environment Minister, João Matos Fernandes, announced a set of steps to tackle this source of contamination, for example, elimination of the foam which covered the river, the decrease of the activity in Celtejo along with also the removal of sediment in the bottom of reservoirs.

According into Duarte Marques, those contamination accidents may occur and also the “law provides for the authorities to be alerted within 24 hours”, however “the problem is when these accidents are recurrent and are hidden, as Celtejo seems to have done.”

The MPs require a permanent monitoring of the area of ​​the river Tagus, to make sure Celtejo remains inside the legislation, “There is a set of companies that pollute the Tagus, the government has to have the means to find out who they are, monitor their activities and stop them.”

The MPs stated the Abrantes memory removal project, arranged by the Government, “is only a cosmetic operation”, as, although frees up part of this river, “this does not solve the fundamental issue.”

On the plus side, the MPs said that the memory discovered a week has had the positive impact of “forcing the authorities to act forcefully,” and to begin taking action.

Duarte Marques stated that the environment minister assured parliament that present resources and laws were adequate to track and control any contamination incidents in the Tagus, but said that there’s “lack of courage to implement it” and insisted on the proposition to make “a courtroom specialising in environmental issues”.

The Attorney General’s Office stated on Saturday the Public Prosecutor’s Office has instituted a survey of organizations at Vila Velha p Rodão subsequent contamination of those Tagus river according to the Ministry of those Environment.

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