Beja court calls for psychiatric evaluation of a corpse

funeralBeja courtroom isn’t renowned for minutes of humor. This altered this week once the manager of psychiatry in Beja Hospital was requested to get a psychiatric examination of a deceased person.

(Decision)According into Ana Matos Pires, she obtained the official courtroom letter where a “psychiatric expert evaluation of a dead person” has been asked, something that’s physically impossible to reach, as she clarified reaction.

The letter in the court also signaled the location of its asked evaluation, which it’s noted correctly since the deceased’s last known place, his tomb in the local cemetery.

Presiding Beja judge, José Lúcio, confessed that he didn’t know how this had occurred and just learned about the petition through the press, including “it is a mistake, for sure.”

The request could nevertheless make it into the lexicon of absurd court happenings, perhaps most famously,

A: All that my autopsies are performed on dead men and women.

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