Albufeira beach restaurant project slammed by environmental association

albufeirabeachIn a covert operation supported by the Algarve’s environmental bureau, led by ‘Demolition Man’ Sebastião Teixeiraand also the bases for a shore restaurant have been sunk metres deep within an area near the sea in Praia perform Peneco, Albufeira.

This website isn’t allowed for a restaurant at the present Burgau-Vilamoura coastal growth program nor can it be mentioned in the latest Odeceixe-Vilamoura plan that, anyhow, has not yet been implemented.

Environmental institution, Almargem, has issued a statement outlining its profound problem and demanding the job stops instantly and a complete explanation given about how the local council as well as the environment agency have enabled this project to start.

Almargem states it isn’t contrary to the supply of tourist infrastructure however rightly notes that there’s a lot of debate about the dangers to Portugal’s coastal zone, “largely due to climate change,” and notes that the new construction and infrastructure remains in a place that’s very likely to be influenced by the sea and where preceding neighboring structures succumbed to the waves decades back.

This final remark is possibly the most crucial, this building has been built with no understanding, until today, of those accountable for its multiple layers of law which dominate even the easiest of building jobs that taxpayers and State bodies need to follow.

It appears the council along with also the Agência Portuguesa perform Ambiente are behaving in collaboration without needing to explain how this job was lawfully authorised, barely ‘open government’ although not surprising when short-cuts are taken and deals are done.

Picture over ©Jorge Magalhães on FB

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